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Able Engineering Company Limited, formerly known as Yeu Can Engineering Co., Ltd was established in 1976. In June 1981, ABLE was registered as a building contractor pursuant to the Buildings Ordinance of Hong Kong.


ABLE was admitted to the Housing Authority’s list as a probationary contractor in Group “NW1” and “M1”. Since then, ABLE has engaged in tendering for Housing Authority’s contractors in the categories of Building (New Works) Group and Building Maintenance.


In view of the good implementation on quality management, ABLE was accredited by HKQAA that the company had complied with the requirement of ISO 9002 Quality Management System Standard in 1993. Having gained the necessary experience in construction works in the public sector, ABLE was further promoted to the Government list of approved contractors for public works in Group C with probationary status under the buildings category in July 1993. In the same year, ABLE was included in the Hong Kong Housing Society’s approved list of contractors for building works in Group List 2 which entitled it to tender building works with contract value exceeding HK$100 million but not exceeding HK$300 million.


ABLE commenced construction works for the School Improvement Programme (S.I.P.), a phased programme which upgrades existing school buildings to adopt the latest standard and provide larger and more spacious teaching and amenity area to schools in Hong Kong.


ABLE was confirmed in the list of approved contractors of the Housing Authority in Group “M1” under the building (maintenance) category. This enabled ABLE to tender for contracts with a value of up to HK$20 million and engage for term contracts with an annual value of up to HK$40 million.


ABLE had built up a good reputation in the industry and was appointed by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers to provide Scheme "A" Graduate Training to graduates in 1999. In addition ABLE was awarded the “Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2000” by Works Bureau for the construction of a Tactical Training Complex at the Police Training School. That implies ABLE is a Contractor who is safe, law abiding, with good site management and environmental friendly. Furthermore, ABLE obtained the Green Contractor Certification of Merit for a School Improvement Programme Project in 2001.


ABLE was confirmed by the Works Bureau in Group C under the “Buildings” category in its list of approved contractors for public works; which entitled ABLE to tender for any number of individual Group C contracts without any limit to the contract value. September 2002, the company had secured 8 significant construction contracts. It included the conversion and extension works for 20 schools which were under the School Improvement Programme, construction of 7 new schools and a 39-month maintenance term contract. It has a total contract value of HK$1,470 million. This had marked an encouraging step of the company towards its aim to be one of the leading construction contractors in Hong Kong. Same year, ABLE obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate.


ABLE was engaged into several challenging projects in Hong Kong. They were Carcass Contract for Tiu Keng Leng Station Development at Tseung Kwan O (4 residential towers of 52-57 storeys) and several term contracts under Architectural Services Department. The total project value was over HK$1,000 million.


ABLE was awarded the Fitting Out Works to flats at Yau Mei Court, Yau Tong with a total contract sum of HK$32 million under the Architectural Services Department as well as the Hospital Authority Term Contract for Minor Works with a total contract value of about HK$186 million. Later on, ABLE continued to be awarded term contract works under Architectural Services Department with a total project sum over HK$1,400 million.


ABLE engaged into several Alternation and Addition Projects under Architectural Services Department, carrying improvement works to Kowloon Park Swimming Pool, Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong Coliseum and Queen Elizabeth Stadium. ABLE continued to be awarded several term contracts by Architectural Services Department with total project value over HK$1,100 million.


More projects under Architectural Services Department were awarded; included the Design and Construction of a General Outpatient Clinic, an Integrated Community Mental Health Support Services Centre, a Long Stay Care Home in Tin Shui Wai Conversion of Yau Ma Tei Theatre and the Red Brick Building into a Xiqu Activity Centre.


ABLE continued to be awarded project of North Lantau Hospital under Architectural Services Department and one of them later won the Green Contractor Silver Award 2012.


ABLE was engaged with maintenance and A&A works under Architectural Services Department. In addition, projects under Hospital Authority awarded the project of Main Building Works for Redevelopment of Caritas Medical Centre, and Housing Authority awarded project of Phase 2 Construction of Public Housing Development at Tung Tau Cottage Areas East respectively.


The Design and Construction of Redevelopment of Tai Lam Centre for Women project and three term contracts were awarded under Architectural Services Department. In addition, the construction of Swimming Pool complex in Tung Chung brought ABLE a Green Building Award 2012 and Certificate of Merit (Hong Kong Non-Residential [New Building]) of Quality Building Award 2012.


ABLE had obtained the Hong Kong Institute of Architects the Medal of the Year and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Merit award of Hong Kong 2013. In the same year, the Design and Construction works of Tin Shui Wai Hospital was awarded. The project was later rewarded the Green Contractor Bronze Award 2015.


ABLE was admitted to the Housing Authority’s list as a contractor in Group “NW2”(Confirmed).


The BEAM Plus Interior – Platinum Certificate and ArchSD Annual Award 2015 – Special Architectural Award (Green Interior) were awarded for the Renovation of Architecture Services Department's new office at 1/F Main Block, APB Centre.


ABLE was awarded three major building construction projects from Housing Authority, which were Construction of Public Housing Development at Tung Chung Area 39, Eastern Harbour Crossing site phase 7 and Lai Chi Kok Road – Tonkin Street Phase 1&2. The total project value was over HK$5.5 billion.


On 20 February 2017, ABLE was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1627). ABLE will continue to build up its portfolio in building constructions and RMAA works for the way forward in the 2nd Quarter of 2017, ABLE was awarded two Construction of Subsidized Sales Flats development from Housing Authority. They are located at Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan and Wo Sheung Tun, Fo Tan. In March 2017, Construction of Public Housing Development at Tung Chung Area 39 project has won the “Safety Team Gold Prize” of the “Construction Industry Safety Award Scheme 2016/ 2017”. In addition, the project also received the “Best Presentation Awards – Grand Award” from “Housing Authority (Site Planning Experience Sharing)”. The Construction of the Hong Kong International School - Lower Primary School was completed in August 2017.


Construction of Subsidized Sales Flats Development Project at Texaco Road and Wo Sheung Tun won several awards by the "Occupational Safety and Health Council" including Excellence Award; “Prevention of Pneumoconiosis Best Practices Award” – Innovative Improvement and Excellence Award. In addition, the Public Housing Development at Tung Chung Area completed in September 2018. Design and Construction of Redevelopment of Queen Mary Hospital, Phase 1 - Main Works at Pok Fu Lam was commenced in October.


Main Contract for the Residential Development at Kai Tak Area 1K commenced in March while Construction of Public Rental Housing Development at Lai Chi Kok Road - Tonkin Street Phases 1 & 2 completed in April.

This Year

Construction of Public Housing Development at Tuen Mun is in progress and the anticipated completion date will be in 2022. In addition, the Construction of the Cingleot Premium Logistics Centre at Hong Kong International Airport has also commenced in May 2020, when complete in 2023, the project will comprise a 12-story ware house which will become the third largest warehouse in Hong Kong.